Managing Your Investment Property

It's Common Sense Really...

Julie Siebuhr Property, provideds a tailor-made approach to managing our clients’ investment properties.   We specialise in looking at the overall investment strategy!  This is to ensure that our clients’ investment purchases are a successful excercise. 

As a small boutique company, we have the ability to be able to tailor our service to your requirements.  Our Property Management Software system allows the Landlord to log in and  check on the progress of things, downloads statements, and check on maintenance issues.  

As with our Sales Department, our Property Managers undertake regular training to ensure they stay on top of their game. We pride ourselves in being the best at our job, and love evolving with the industry. This means that you can be assured that appointing us as your Investment Managers, will be the best choice you could make.   

What We Do Best...

THE LEASING OF YOUR PROPERTY   We have implemented a simple process that equates to many advantages for you the owner. Its our main aim to ensure the following

- To Achieve Maximum Rental Price By marketing your property to maximise its audience & conducting regular rent reviews to ensure we are getting the most out of your property.

Our Sales & Rental team undertake ongoing market knowledge training, which means that we know exactly what advantages your property has over others.   We understand the difference between one property and another. We know what it means if your property has; larger living spaces or bedrooms, a better aspect, greater natural light, stunning views or better transport connections than other similar properties.   Greater knowledge gives us the ability to concentrate on, and highlight the key factors. This enables us to achieve the highest price for you.  

 Attracting The Highest Quality Tenant - How? Through extensive screening of all applicants. It makes our job much easier having fantastic tenants in our properties. We will check employment and character references, as well as online tenant history databases to ensure the tenant we place in your property is of the highest caliber.   We will only consider a tenant’s application if we are confident that their records show they will respect your property and pay the rent on time. A good tenant is invaluable. We understand that if a tenant carries out all their responsibilities, by nurturing our relationship with that tenant, we then nurture the relationship that tenant has with your property. 

Getting The Job Done...


At no cost to you, your property will be advertised on over 100 internet sites, including of course and Professional photography when required, coupled with prominent property signage and open homes guarantee great exposure.  Our swift response to enquiry is also one of the key factors in placing a tenant quickly. We show properties 6 days a week to make sure we capture the most suitable tenant possible. Utilising our large database of clients is also a valuable tool to capture interest.   


We conduct thorough checks on all applicants so that we can provide you with comprehensive feedback and ensure that suitable tenants, who will fulfill their obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act, are chosen for your property. We subscribe to the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA), which is set up to register defaulting tenants. We have a selection process that is based upon doing our research to endeavor to get the best tenant. Our selection process is second to none as we firmly believe that it is the single most important thing we do.   


We conduct internal inspections of your property three times a year, following which we will provide you with a written report that outlines the condition of the property and any maintenance that is required. We will take digital photos that are time and date stamped, of any maintenance issues for you to view. We also offer suggestions as to minor renovations that may improve the capital growth of your property and the quality of tenant that it attracts. Prior to the entry, and following the exit of tenants, we perform thorough inspections of all properties  


We quickly attend to all maintenance and in all instances we will attempt to contact you regarding any repairs that need to be performed. If we are unable to speak with you we will proceed with your instructions as outlined in the Management Agreement. We recommend ongoing maintenance that will keep your property in a condition that will assist in retaining its optimum market value.  


These are checked daily with immediate follow up on any outstanding monies. We can assure you that, in any cases, prompt action in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act will be taken. We have a zero tolerance to rental arrears.